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Posted by MtlUrbanFan (Member # 734) on :
Thank you Admin for putting back some of the old photos in the Gallery. [grouphug]

Here are my favorites from 2002... [love3]

This one used to be my avatar a long time ago when I first joined this board... [love1] *sigh*

Posted by urbangirl20030 (Member # 1722) on :
Awwww, that was always one of my favorites too!
Just look at that blondie! [love3]
Posted by janieurbangirl (Member # 4783) on :
Ah yesss Gaetane, just oozing sexiness!!!!
Posted by Caroline Davis (Member # 2854) on :
Yes!! Those were the days!! I remember them with a great big smile on my face!! [biggrinlove]
Posted by gotitbad4urban (Member # 15321) on :
Oh WOW!! I havn't seen that one before, delicious to say the least.

[love1] [heart] [love1] [heart]
Posted by KM4KU (Member # 16646) on :
yummy! never seen that before!!
Posted by **Laura** (Member # 2861) on :
Thanks, indeed, Admin!! [thankyou]

Those are some GREAT that blond hair!!

Posted by keithurbanloverrr (Member # 9060) on :
\ i love him with his extremely blonde hair [smile]
so cute so cute.
Posted by urbanfan81805 (Member # 11225) on :
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! Definitely Keithalicous!!!
Posted by BigEddie54 (Member # 6370) on :
I'm lovin' all the old photos. Thanks! [faint]
Posted by keiths little deb (Member # 1006) on :
Very nice picture Gaetane! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Urbanaddict (Member # 1611) on :
Thank you admin for putting them back up! [love1]

Thanks Gaetane for posting the pic. [love3]
Posted by pat10 (Member # 13526) on :
thanks for the pic the wife has just put it as wallpaper on her laptop.
Posted by mhughes57 (Member # 9547) on :
Wish I had been a Keith fan back then. I missed sooooo many wonderful pics! Thanks for posting this beauty!
Posted by UrbanGirl84 (Member # 1440) on :
Nice pic!!
Posted by Kylene (Member # 4760) on :
Love the old school Keith...thanks Gaétane!!! [guitarist]
Posted by Keith'sGirL1426 (Member # 4758) on :
He sure is HOT!!!!!!! [love1]
Posted by MaryAnn (Member # 5161) on :
[love3] [love3] [love3]

Drooling... !!! I have so many of Keith's pictures from a few years back - Golden Road days - LONG BLONDE HAIR - scruffy face - TO DIE FOR !!!! He is still gorgeous, but...something about that look he had back then..... SO SEXY.. as someone said before: Keithalicious !!!!!!!!!!
[faint] [faint] [faint]

[heart] MaryAnn

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