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Posted by judymp (Member # 5995) on :
NKU site,has pics of Sunday's face. Well,most of her face. Pretty!
Posted by bmw1990 (Member # 17422) on :
omg thanks so much for the info. going to check it out right now
Posted by janieurbangirl (Member # 4783) on :
She is just adoreable!!!! [biggrinlove]
Posted by KEITHURBANFANFOREVER (Member # 4960) on :
Can someone please give me a better idea where to find these pics??? I've looked and looked and can't find them. Thanks!
Posted by Aussie-Nel (Member # 11454) on :
Try this link and see if it helps
Posted by Caroline Davis (Member # 2854) on :
Awwwww.....she is so adorable!!!
Posted by KEITHURBANFANFOREVER (Member # 4960) on :
Thank you Aussie-Nel, I really appreciate it! What a beautiful little girl!!

Posted by urbanfan81805 (Member # 11225) on :
She is the most beautiful baby girl! She definitely looks like Nic and Keith!
Posted by bmw1990 (Member # 17422) on :
she is just beautiful
Posted by Xtreme_MN_Cowgirl (Member # 9609) on :
She is an absolutely precious little girl!!! I bet she makes momma and daddy proud!!!
Posted by kuthunder (Member # 4932) on :
Thanks for sharing
Posted by keithu1 (Member # 2333) on :
Thanks for sharing.

She's a doll!
Posted by rutkmi (Member # 3300) on :
The picture on the Nicole Kidman United site (scroll down under Nicole's inbox) is a picture of Nicole & Sunday with their foreheads touching sleeping. It was taken by Keith on his iPhone and Nicole showed it on the Oprah show this week.
Posted by sunshinemom to one (Member # 2161) on :
It did not come up for me, but i am so proud and happy for Keith and Nicole. [guitarist] [cheering] [grouphug]
Posted by 1 4 Carole (Member # 18197) on :
Sunday Rose is a beautiful baby. I bet she is growing so fast now.
Posted by KUMyWay (Member # 559) on :
soooooo, sooooo, sweet! [heart]
Posted by country422 (Member # 14805) on :
aww.. she's adorble.... maybe Nick and sunday can miraculously hook up when they both get older.... (just hopes on that one) [rotfl]
Posted by sunshinemom to one (Member # 2161) on :
It is not a clear picture on my computer,but what i can tell she is a beautiful baby. [grouphug]
Posted by LoveKeithu4ever (Member # 8428) on :
do you know how old she is?
Posted by Randee Danielle (Member # 5166) on :
She was born July 7 , 2008
Posted by kusoulfan (Member # 5159) on :
[huh] The baby is adorable. Has anybody seen pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Urban with Sunday yet?
Posted by judymp (Member # 5995) on :
New pics posted today of Sunday at his wife's site.Finally a full face pic. She looks so much like Keith.

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