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Posted by canadakaren (Member # 1199) on :
I know it is a couple days early - but Happy Birthday Amy! [party]

Best wishes for an amazing year to come! [grouphug]

~ Karen
Posted by AmandaAL (Member # 1664) on :
I second that! Happy Early Birthday!
Posted by country422 (Member # 14805) on :
Posted by Metrostar (Member # 11519) on :
Happy Birthday! [smile]
Posted by terrilynn (Member # 6687) on :
Happy early birthday Amy. Hope you have a fantastic one. Thanks for all your hard work. [cheering] [heart] [party]
Posted by concertbug (Member # 1619) on :
Happy birthday!!!
Posted by kerwoman (Member # 4562) on :
Hope you celebrate! [cheering] Cheers!
Posted by MyManKeith (Member # 1726) on :
Happy Birthday!!!! [party]
Posted by MtlUrbanFan (Member # 734) on :
[party] HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY [party]

I hope you have a great one! [grouphug]
Posted by GailInVA (Member # 2661) on :
Happy birthday! [party] Hope you have a wonderful year. [smile]
Posted by rutkmi (Member # 3300) on :
Happy Birthday Amy! [party] Geminis Rule!!! [joy]
Posted by Caroline Davis (Member # 2854) on :
Happy Birthday Amy!!! [party] [cheering]
Posted by Kathleen (Member # 9) on :
Happy Birthday, hope its a great one and filled with fun and joy.
Posted by TNgrl4KU (Member # 10489) on :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :cheering: :party:
Posted by keiths little deb (Member # 1006) on :
Happy Birthday Amy! We thank God for you every day! Have a wonderful birthday! [party] [hyper]
Posted by Lori W (Member # 5395) on :
Happy Birthday Amy.... [party]
Posted by Administrator (Member # 1) on :
Thank You Everybody! [love1]
Posted by urbanfan81805 (Member # 11225) on :
Happy Birthday Amy! Thank you for all that you do! Have a wonderful day!
Posted by kerwoman (Member # 4562) on :
Originally posted by Administrator:
Thank You Everybody! [love1]

Your Welcome [cheering] [cheering]
Posted by oneofeach (Member # 153) on :
Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it is one to remember!
Posted by mckara (Member # 5083) on :
Happy Birthday AMY! Wishing you much health and happiness in the coming year. You have given us fans a wonderful place to come and converse about Keith. We truly appreciate all the work you do for us! Enjoy your birthday Girl!! You Rock! [love1]

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